Sunday, 22 August 2010

Oh! England

Oh goodness ! - a new post here? - surely not, Ha

I've been driving back n forth to my Dad's a bit lately, and after growing tired of most of an Eminem cd, (and too lazy to stop & replace it) - the radio's been on… Coast since you ask.

Two things strike me about the station

1: In between songs, they play a spoken message, boasting about how they don't interrupt the songs by talking.

2: They float on a whole raft of songs about American states & cities - maybe every MOR'ish station here does.

The latter got me thinking of how few tunes I knew of featuring English counties, towns & cities (or rivers eh), which doesn't mean there aren't many, but it certainly feels that way.

This first track actually isn't at all the sort of thing I'm looking for - but it did come to mind, and is rarely heard, so what the hell

Lonely Girl in London - Dory Previn
The Leprechauns Are Upon Me (1958 - Verve Records)

If the piano sounds more than useful - that's André Previn tinkling the ivories - back before he married Dory. Ok, so she wasn't Previn then, but Dory Langdon (born Dorothy Veronica Langan).

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