Monday, 7 June 2010


Back in England - Portsmouth, to be reasonably specific - a car that wouldn't start due to a flat battery and some bugger next door who dug new foundations smack next to/under mine, with the consequential front door that sticks in the frame, & broken glass panel above it, as well as various cracks in walls & ceilings.

Big deal, - and so it is - for one thing that stood out, a reminder that really rankled, was the local 7-11 type store having cheese & bacon tucked safely away, well behind the counter, to prevent their theft by the grubby hands of presumably - more than one or two, regular 'customers'.

There's something rather wrong with that. The booze, other than spirits, is out n about where light fingers might easily lift it. You're (comparatively) welcome to chance your arm shoplifting a meat pie, or a mozzarella salad ready meal - anything in fact, from Apples to umm, whatever they may sell beginning with Z, but cheese & bacon is clearly just too tempting, and must be segregated, along with cigarettes & lottery tickets.

Now, what kind of people live round here, that some crappy convenience store finds it necessary to ring-fence these fairly basic foodstuffs ?. Well I'll tell you - they aren't hugely poor or especially criminally inclined; not mainly students, immigrants, or any other group you could slap a name on.

What the hell? - it's a reasonably ok area - certainly one you could walk alone at night without expecting any problems. So there must be some modern-day Fagin encouraging his 'boys' to pinch particular comestibles,  or a black market in knock-off cheddar & bacon, that I'm not privy to. Or perhaps an underclass of addicted fatties, hoping their ghost appears; anxiously willing the arrival of a guy in PR shoes ? (never mind the hat) .

Home Is Where I Want to Be - Mott the Hoople
Wildlife (1971)

Love this - tho' it doesn't really sound like Mott the Hoople to me.

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