Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Keeping Records

Having moved house, and a lot of other things in the last year - I'm finally getting around to shifting some oldish 45 rpm singles, left over from a not-so feckless youth. For someone who likes music, I never bought very much of it... but perhaps I'm unwittingly making comparisons with a pal or two, who had serious vinyl habits.
Whatever the case, I purchased relatively little in the way of records & tapes, save for a few hardly heady years post '79 or so; but I do have a pile of singles beside me, presumably chosen some time back, for their likelihood of fetching more than a penny on ebay.

What the hell, they don't get played, so let's have a crack at selling them - and while I'm at it, see what time has done.

Frustration  -  Purple Hearts
7" 45 b/w Extraordinary Sensations (Fiction Records - 1979)
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It's actually rather good that - about as 'mod' as Supergrass or The Clash, mind - or err The Jam, for that matter. Suits & ties really, perhaps a scooter out back.

Piles of cash to the usual address - or look out for it on ebay eh - ho ho.
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