Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Farewell Circuit

The Farewell Circuit are a four-piece band out of Minneapolis, Minnesota - they sent an email back in December, mentioning "somewhat silently" releasing Birdless Sky - their debut album. Describing themselves as similar to Death Cab, Sigur Ros, Radiohead etc, along with the unassuming manner in which the album's being pushed, you might not expect anything wonderful... so be pleasantly surprised then, becuase they're really rather good.

I've been playing this one over & over - so it must be my favourite eh?.

The Inexorable March of Time - The Farewell Circuit
Birdless Sky (2009)
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Seems the band consists of:
Danny - Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Vibes, Bass, Programming
DJ - Guitar, Vibraharp, Keys, Sampling
Geoff - Drums, Love Machine, Hand Claps
David - Vibraharp, Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Percussion

I'm not sure we see them all here - but I doo love this live version of the above album-opener.

As an aside - it's farewell to nearly all the mp3's that are linked to on last years posts - due to a cheap-ass web host deciding to err terminate the sorta promotional free account I had, months before it was due to expire, at which time I was actually going to pay them money... not any more though - I'll bumble along without, and let someone else stump up for all the Chinese & Russians hot-linking & using 'em as background music for shoe-shopping websites - fiddle dee dee, I say, being such a polite English gent.
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