Friday, 29 January 2010

The Secret History - Johnny Anorak

So The Secret History have been around a while now (2007), and yet seem surprisingly little-mentioned on music blogs. Perhaps I price myself too low? . They've been busy, it seems - recording their first full album "The World that Never Was" and here's a single from it.

Johnny Anorak - The Secret History
The World that Never Was (March 16 on Le Grand Magistery)
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 I'd lose the football-chant intro for that, as a single release/radio-edit & let the music loose from the get-go; tho' even that seems to start out somewhat rockier for the first few bars until taking a more expected turn.  Perhaps it'd make more sense in the album context?.

and by way of an introduction, at the end... from their Desolation Town EP - I rather liked this... and it may make sense of my comments above.
♫ The Ballad of The Haunted Hearts - The Secret History
Desolation Town EP (2008)

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