Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Woodlands

A month eh?, it's passed slowly at times in the living, yet quickly (some of it) in the looking back - outright painfully too, in part...

I clean missed any mention of The Woodlands when their self-released (and titled and recorded and produced) album came out in May this year - not surprising, haven't exactly had a digit on any kind of musical pulse in recent months... it's well worth seeking out though, the two tracks below are accompanied by another eight nicely differing, yet equally fine songs - all created by the wife & husband duo of Hannah & Samuel Robertson, who come from Portland, Oregon, and to my ears, have created some wonderful music together - charming, delicate & full of feeling; deceptively simple sounding production & arrangements, the sorta thing that sounds effortlessly good being joyful or otherwise.

Warmly recommended then, to umm, all my readers.

Bit bouncier here, and a fine showcase for the precise allure of Hannah's voice...

Ace strings & harmonies now, not that it's unique in that regard - but you can't hear all the tracks here.
Can We Stay

The Woodlands (2009)
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