Thursday, 6 August 2009

Lucinda Williams

You may remember my mentioning the KaiserCartel cover of Lucinda Williams' 'Something About What Happens When We Talk', and her being an artist I hadn't heard of before. Being me, I of course dug out the original, and here it is.

Something About What Happens When We Talk - Lucinda Williams
Sweet Old World (1992)
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I've not yet heard anything more than this album - Sweet Old World, but I'd venture to suggest it may not be her best, a bold supposition perhaps, based more on the sheer quality of some tracks, and yes, truthfully, on a few umm vocal notes not quite reached, which can be a very attractive sound, not always tho' eh - not exactly flat, as Noel Coward said, and certainly, very clearly, not enough to keep her off the stage, and yet my ears bristle a little at times.

Here's what's for me, the best track on Sweet Old World, and another much older song that immediately sprang to mind, in an ooh, country'ish songs about suicide kinda way. A bit obvious maybe, but it's interesting to compare the two different takes on the events & feelings following. Lucinda's is way more direct & descriptive (some very fine guitar & violin btw), set alongside Bobbie Gentry's almost circumspect telling, which wonderfully weaves the thread of everyday meals & remarks into the story, perhaps ultimately more revealing & realistic more than the "here's what happened" approach - reminds me of Reservoir Dogs & Pulp Fiction, in that respect.

Pineola - Lucinda Williams
Sweet Old World (1992)
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Ode To Billy Joe - Bobbie Gentry
Ode to Billie Joe/Mississippi Delta (7" single - 1967)

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