Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Library

Do bands ever surprise you by what they sound like after you've seen a photo? - or vice-versa?. I know, I know, books and covers, cameras & lies, but I just can't help observing...

The first track here is by far my favourite from The Life and Times of Rosa Lee - indeed, was this that made me go back & re-listen to the others with fresh ears. Does it scream The Only Ones at you? - does me, I can hear Peter Perrett, singing it, not that I'd cite The Library as sounding similar; oh I'm rambling now - just listen eh?.

Nothing To Lose

Club Amnesia

Wonderfully laid-back 70's slacker vibe going here, which I've a great deal of time for - suits the vocals much better, along with Nothing To Lose, than some of the other five tracks - they are growing on me mind you, think it's the tuning which got me at first, just a smidge lower than nicely low.
Tomorrow Is Better

all from The Life and Times of Rosa Lee (2009)
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And just so you can rubbish, or at least understand my comparison above - here's a fine song from The Only Ones... 1978 - goodness, what a long time ago.

It's The Truth - The Only Ones
The Only Ones (1978)
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