Monday, 20 July 2009


It's really nice to come across one artist you like, do some digging, (or in this case, get a welcome promo tip) & find more really delightful music from someone closely involved with the first... extra rewarding somehow, as it is with Willoughby, performed and produced by Gus Seyffert, who also produced the EP by Charlie Wadhams, that I liked a whole lot recently. Truly, there's some marvellous talent & music out there, no matter how dispiriting the charts & gloomy local gigs might seem to be, and how chuffing cool it is to discover it.

Willoughby are hard to pin down, which I like, and the album as a whole is a marvellous confection, musically and lyrically. Mostly fairly gentle, even introspective, a country feel here on Frankenstein, a little rockier there on Dust Bunnies, quite Beatley on 'I'm Losing You'; at least things seem pretty soothing, until the wonderfully even more calming & love-filled title track - I Know What You're Up To - and near a cappella charms of 'You Don't Love'.
The sublimely beautiful 'Wonder', with its lovely harmonies, also deserves a mention here

I've a feeling that I might quite like the album - I Know What You're Up To - having played it over & over these last few days, singing along... I'd have happily picked any or all of the songs to include here - but have a couple to whet your appetite.

Intentions - Willoughby

I Know What You're Up To - Willoughby

from 'I Know What You're Up To' (2008 - Sargent Records)
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Turns out I've heard Gus's voice before now - he's worked with The Bird and The Bee, in particular, on this cover of Tonight You Belong To Me, one of umm, far too many I featured back in February.

Tonight You Belong To Me - The Bird & The Bee
One Too Many Hearts EP (2008)
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Should you be lucky enough to be in southern California (never rains, you know) late this month & next - you'd do well to catch Willoughby at one of these two gigs:

28 Jul 2009 21:00 Bootleg Theater Los Angeles, California
29 Aug 2009 20:00 Fox Theatre Pomona, California

and definitely check out the splendidly Beatley 'I'm Losing You' in the player below

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