Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Soundtrack Mind

I've mentioned this before, as wegular weaders will wealise (sorry, Elmer - couldn't help myself), but d'you get days when most everything suggests a song or piece of music to accompany it?, just a word might prompt a whole tune, or it could be a mood or theme that goes along with things rather nicely.
...or as below, something far, far more obvious, ha!

Yes indeed, it's Sunday, it's Sunny after an 'orrible rainy evening and night, and hoo-ray - it's umm washing day chez Marvellous, courtesy of my Dad's machine & dryer... but noo, that's not it up the top there - shame eh?.

Washing Maschine - Iris waves
The Non Exclusive EP (2008)
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Washing Machine - No And The Maybes
No And The Maybes (2008)
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Laundry - The Voluntary Butler Scheme
Trading Things In (2008)
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Wash in the Rain - The Bees
Free The Bees (2004)
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Coney Island Washboard - The Roulette Sisters
Nerve Medicine (2005)
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