Friday, 10 July 2009


I have been greatly enjoying the second album by Peasant - On The Ground - which was originally a 2008 issue, re-released in January this year on PaperGarden Records... so I'm late as hell, even on the second release, but who can keep up with everything? - not I.

Peasant is the work of one man - Damien Derose, and he surely has the happy knack of creating beautiful music, with words to make you think some, should you be in the mood to. There's something, I dunno, very English-sounding about it all too, has me in mind of Things in Herds, who are very fine also. He's a bit of a Wandering Minstrel, for my money - tuning his supple songs to suit the mood, be it for very open, acoustic tunes, on the Folky side; or something more Country; or even a bloody good, gentle pop song. Very much recommended.

There's actually some drums on this one, so perhaps it's rockier than most of the album?, but a lovely, delicate, song even with that said... definitely one of my favourites; even if the intro always has me thinking of Slade's rather famous Christmas hit.
We're Good

Mmm - sublime, this is - love the lyrics & the guitars & harmonies.
Stop For Her

The album title track, with some splendidly percussive guitar strums, that I'm very taken by.
On The Ground

all from: On The Ground (2008/9 - Papergarden Records)
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Catch Peasant live, if you can:
16 Jul 2009 16:15
Jammin In The Plaza @ The Plaza Allentown, Pennsylvania
8 Aug 2009 16:00
Lincoln Park Festival Chicago, Illinois
20 Aug 2009 20:00
Monkeytown Brooklyn, Alabama

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