Wednesday, 5 August 2009

KaiserCartel - new EP: Rock Island

I'm hardly keeping up with keeping up, am I? - a post now & then, due to fruitless self-re-housing attempts, and the grind (yes) of silly bugger estate agents (realtors) who seem hell bent on making things as opaque and frustrating as possible... an unhappy knack, indeed.

It's far from doom & gloom though, goodness me no, and by way of a musical example, I've been enjoying the new EP - Rock Island - by KaiserCartel, who I regrettably missed when they played nearby in late June; what a bummer!, I'd have liked to see them live.

The Rock Island EP has five songs, including a cover of Lucinda Williams' "Something About What Happens When We Talk" from her 1992 release - Sweet Old World, which is excellent - I hadn't heard of her before, and definitely will be seeking out an album or two, you'll also find the songs - Carroll Street Station, Shira, Stella, and Memphis on Rock Island, that last one being my favourite of the five, although they're all very fine, make no mistake.

Shira - Kaiser Cartel
Rock Island EP (September 1 2009 )
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Here's one of KaiserCartel's songs I posted a few months ago - check the others out here- you'll find more on their myspace of course.

Favorite Song (Minneapolis Version)
Okay (And Other Things We Feel) (2008 - Bluhammock)
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