Thursday, 16 July 2009


The problem (one of 'em) with a whole bunch of free music sitting there, is you tend to skip skip skip through it, waiting & hoping for some toned-down Archimedes moment, or some days, even just a "mm, this is ok". The thirty seconds to impress me movie script guys have it easy, I reckon, compared to the hours of musical effort & creativity that gets pre-judged in a few blinks of an eye. So it nearly was with the latest free EP from Astor Bell, skip, skip, not my thing; skip skip; you get the idea... so I almost chanced upon the last track, a splendid elctroniccy waltz, and loved it to bits - really.

From Going to Going - Giuseppe
Lamu (2009 - Astor Bell)
free download | myspace

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