Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Gemma Ray, Nancy Sinatra, and The Playmates...

What do these four have in common? - just my possibly odd connections, made on hearing the first - a lyric here & there, an opening chord sounding nicely reminiscent on the last one... and they're all rather good I think. Slightly surprisingly so, in the case of The Playmates; very much a novelty number, which has worn wery well.

A rather loping along, Spanishy Western feel to this, good for driving along to, a great guitar & backing vocals break round 1:45, cool strings too. Gemma Ray's from England, as it happens, but darned if I can find out much more from her myspace or record label, nor have I heard a great deal of the album - Lights Out, Zoltar! . Lazy so & so, that's me.
100 Mph (In 2nd Gear) - Gemma Ray
Lights Out, Zoltar! (2009)
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Here comes Lightning down the street, while you stand there just talkin'
If I were you I'd start to move, and tell my story walkin'....

and you can guess how fast, right?
Lightning's Girl - Nancy Sinatra
Lightning's Girl b/w Until It's Time for You to Go (1967 - Reprise Records)

Too young to hear this first time out, it was a popular comic turn on kiddies radio programmes; although the BBC seemingly insisted on a re-recorded version, which lacked the words identifying the vehicles involved - saving us from subliminal advertising eh - those were the days.
Beep Beep - The Playmates
7" single (1958 - Roulette Records)

Palimend - Benoit Pioulard
Précis (2006 - Kranky Records)
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