Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Welcome to Western Vinyl

Promo emails have been piling up while I've been lacking in the internet department, and I do feel the need to write about, or at least share, something new, something that I like; so faced with a surfeit of supposed sonic riches, I resolved to blindly stick a pin in the screen & see what goodness it landed on.

That was the plan, anyway, but fickle is as fickle does, and the latest release from Western Vinyl caught my eye - not because I knew of the band in question, or even because WV have previously had some very fine music (tho' they have), but more due to my imagination running away with the label name.

It sounds substantial, yes?, suitably old-fashioned, industrial even, as if they might have glorious, cathedral-like warehouses, stacks of wax artfully arranged, awaiting the attentions of a fleet of shiny, splendidly American, art deco trucks, tastefully adorned with previous pressings, lps for hubcaps, singles for headlamp covers, and naturally, no CD players allowed - just one of those old in-car record decks that were briefly produced for the driver who wanted, most, if not all, the comforts of home; all ready to move this musical mountain closer to the sticky palms of record buyers around the West and beyond. And oustide the corporate HQ - a giant working record-player sculpture, of course, flipping suitably huge sized stacks of 45's, all chrome & glinting in the sunlight, like the innards of a impossibly oversized Wurlitzer - lovely!.

And that, my friends, is how I came to pick Sleep Whale to share with you (oh yes, there is some point to all this), even if my mind was concentrating on the fictional Western Vinyl offices, big logo crying out "Welcome to Western Vinyl - We Make Records" rather than what I might say about the music.

I guess if I was being critical, I'd say hmm, this is a bit filmic or (excellent) incidental music for TV, but then again, the same description might heap praise upon it, and really, I'm much inclined to the latter, finding Little Brite rather captivating & soundscapey with some beautiful strings & acoustic guitar being artfully counterpointed by... well, by lotsa things, actually, I like it a lot.
Here's one track of the six on Little Brite, you can stream most of the rest at Sleep Whale's myspace

Josh Likes Me - Sleep Whale
Little Brite (July 2009) out on Western Vinyl
Sleep Whale on myspace

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