Thursday, 18 June 2009

Lazy errm, Thursday

OK, so it isn't Sunday, and while the sun shines brightly & I'm dead tired at nine in the morning, it's far from looking to be a lazy day here, which is sortof a shame, but ok too; ooh, mustn't grumble.

I was having one of those mornings where even old favourite tracks don't quite hit the spot, I still know they're fine as can be, but somehow they don't fit the mood, lift me up, and get the spirit soaring. This did though, so even though I've posted it before, I hope you enjoy the splendid 60's Englishness of The Small Faces.

Sit in a Rainbow, close your eyes, & drift away - Cor blimey

Lazy Sunday - The Small Faces
7" single (1968 on Immediate Records)

note the ring a ding typerwritery & churchy sounds - does every good record have bells on?, sometimes I do think so.
Oh, what the hell, understandably one's fingers find more sparkly gems, so here's just one more - crank it up & tell me you ain't wearing a big smile - I surely am.

Itchycoo Park - The Small Faces
7" single (1967 on Immediate Records)

Maybe music's like a good meal sometimes - you need to start with something to whet the appetite, get the aural & mental juices flowing, and perhaps Lazy Sunday did just that, because now I turn to other things & find that they are equally, if differently joyous. Here's a lovely cover version by the Polish band, Silver Rocket.

Space Oddity - Silver Rocket
Tesla (2008)
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