Wednesday, 10 June 2009

How Do You Like 'em?

Arising yesterday after a fairly short night's sleep, and still mildly (although, amusingly after a short while) troubled by a dream in which I was attacked by a crocodile, who seemed to have come from the smallish fishpond I built at my Dad's house, many years ago; I felt the need for a warming & invigorating breakfast - so Hot Szechuan Vegetables it was, boosted by an extra dollop of chilli sauce - yummmm!.

I imagine that many of you might find that an odd choice for the time of day, and I must say that it wasn't (entirely) prompted by "ooh - leftovers!" laziness, since truthfully, I really like curries & chillies for breakfast & will happily cook 'em from scratch, no matter how early the hour. There's (nearly) nothing nicer than a plate of very hot, Indian'ish fried rice to begin the day with, topped by a fried egg, naturally. (Sunny side up, since you ask)

How Do You Like Your Eggs in the Morning? - Dean Martin & Helen O Connell
written for Rich, Young & Pretty (1951)

I said nearly, since obviously there are much better things to wake up to, than breakfast... but sticking strictly to food for the moment (we don't wanna frighten the horses eh?) - What do you enjoy the most?.

What Do You Want? (the Breakfast Song) - Annie
Don't Stop (2008)
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Good Morning Day - Donna Regina
More (2007)
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Morning Song - Charlotte Gainsbourg
5:55 (2006)
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In The Morning - Junior Boys
So This Is Goodbye (2006)
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And as for the better things...
Song For Lovers - The Dø
A Mouthful (2008)
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