Friday, 5 June 2009

Connected again

Well now - here I am back on a broadband connection, albeit at my Dad's place a few miles from my super-duper static caravan (Trailer, for you guys over 'there') in what's these days rather inaccurately referred to as a Holiday Park - maybe every day's a holiday?, just like Dick van Dyke said in Mary Poppins - cor blimey.

Anyhow, been in a bit over a week, and whilst I wouldn't say it was comfortable, it's somewhere to live for now, and the invisible, but very audible geese nearby, do give rise to plenty of smiles - what with them & the cockerel crowing all day.... but thankfully not at the traditional time - more the crack of mid-morning than dawn. A Slacker chicken; very fitting indeed, all things considered.

Here's a cuppla loosely connected songs then, beginning with ha, The Loose Connection, from a band whose name suggests garage-rock to me, but who on this track at least, sound nothing like it.

The Loose Connection - The Unbearables
Autonomy vs. Shame (2008)
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I Took a Ride (Caravan) - Rotary Connection
Aladdin (1968)

Yeah, that's the present 'mon repose' pictured up top - a lovely shade of green eh? - somebody summon the queen (sorry, a childhood spent in part, listening to Danny Kay stamping out The King's New Clothes).

Thanks again for all the good wishes & emails - most welcome to get them, I can tell ya.
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