Monday, 11 May 2009

Wunderblock - another free EP from Astorbell

Swedish net-label Astor Bell have another free release available, and it's their best yet, in my opinion. Less umm, 'experimental' than the previous two, but in a way, rather more exploratory, winding it's way round minimal-ish changing, layered rhythms, quite dubby in places, which I like a lot.

This one's five tracks by Wunderblock, a trio of Russians who've created something very enjoyable for those who aren't necessarily fans of instrumental electronic music, but nonetheless long & satisfying enough for souls like me who certainly are, and revel in it. Give them a go, and if you don't care much for the results as a straight-up, careful listen - try it as kinda background or ambient ear-fodder & see if they don't float yer boat that way. It'd work as super-cool movie or the right kinda party music, space-age when space-age meant good... highly recommended, & equally fine as casual filler, or something detailed to get involved in through some big speakers or headphones.

Here's a couple to give you an idea - download the rest at Astor Bell.

Getting all filmic (again) - imagine a night-time city journey, lotsa fast cuts, and the odd lingering shot of someone, maybe on a train (for the rhythm, see?).
Octopussy - Wunderblock

Cleo - Wunderblock

both from Act! EP (2009)
a free download from Astorbell | Wunderblock on myspace

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