Friday, 15 May 2009


Well, one or two of you may have noticed I've not been around here much lately - rather busy wrestling with the financial & other mechanics of where to live within somewhat altered means. I needed a pleasant evening walk to escape those thoughts, a few nights ago; and took a few photos, most of which were far too blurry to use... but the above came out ok, yes?. It wasn't actually as dark as it looks, and in some ways the image is nothing like what I saw or remember; of course the buildings & lights & reflections are real enough, but as with so much in life, for some photographs I have to learn that perfection isn't always necessary, or even worth thinking about - some things are what they are, you have to make the best of 'em, and boy, must I try to keep that in mind.

This first one's just beautiful, I think - lovely lyrics, sung in such a vulnerable-sounding way, a very moving shift to the minor key, and some really fine little touches in the mix, that just grab my heart through headphones - really one for sharing though - enjoy it eh. The whole album's a gem, if you ask me... reckon I like it more than last year's "Nothing Is Lost", which is dead good, but I dunno, the vocals seem recorded a bit differently, & simply don't tug at me in the same way.
Please Don't Put Out The Lights - Things In Herds
I Can Dancing And Walking (2004)
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Pleasingly, the loose topic gives an excuse to include another of my absolute faves from fairly recent years - been listening to very little music of any sort in the last week or so... this was a most welcome return, and I find I'm listening to lyrics more intently than before - learning, see?
The Cold, the Dark & the Silence - Sea Wolf
Leaves In The River (2007)
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I've got a lotta time for Lamb, and this track's pretty fine, although I do sorta long for it to get going a bit - less ambience, more rhythm I say.
Darkness - Lamb
Between Darkness and Wonder (2003)
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I got literally just this one track by Hot Chip, and although lyrically,it maybe runs outta steam halfway through - I do like it, and the words are rather good & appropriate.
Made In The Dark - Hot Chip
Made In The Dark (2008)
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Two versions of the same sixties song now - Sweet's cover is really rather good, even if a bit cheesy.
Reflections - Diana Ross & the Supremes
originally released on 7"single (1967)

Reflections - Sweet
Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be (1971)

Another old favourite, and another set of ace lyrics - '...whisk you away to where angels often tread, we'll paint this planet red, we'll stumble back to our hotel bed, and we'll make love to each other, til we're half-dead...'
Perfect Lovesong - The Divine Comedy
Regeneration (2001)
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