Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Moving Day

Well, hopefully anyway - so long as the guy running the show gets his act together & comes up with some bloody keys I can lock the door with...

Today, or very soon then, I'll be moving lock, stock & not the barrel yet, to greenish pastures new which don't have a 'phone line, let alone internet access beyond a veeery slow & expensive mobile network dongle (£15 for 3GB - I ask ya! - and they're one of the cheaper ones)

Bunches of things to do & sort out, not directly related to moving - trying to sell a boat I own, work out how to get somewhere other than the trashy trailer park I'm shifting to, to live in, Daddy in the hospital running a sub-30 heart-rate (fixed later today with a pacemaker, fingers crossed).... It's all Go you Know - oh, and the legalities, forms & wrangles of divorce too - what fun & excitement all round. Truth be told though, between the "omg how many things?, How long?, How Much?"... and sadness/depression, there is excitement & hope peeking through; bursting through some days, in fact; and I do have a great deal to look forward to - Oh Yes indeed.

Fair do's - it's not at all sunny here today - but it was yesterday, and sorta feels it to me, regardless of the weather...

Sunshine Of Your Love - Rotary Connection
Songs (1969)

Planning My Escape - Sleeping States
Old vs New EP (2008)
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Cage Of Ribs - Da Bears
The World Famous Da Bears (2006)
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What with Sparks & a few more - these boys were & still are one of my favourite bands - so for now, it seems right to end with something old-timey & optimistic from 'em - marvellous eh, I love it to bits.
Find Yourself A Rainbow - Slade
Old New Borrowed And Blue (1974)

Despite very few recent posts, and a distinct lack of internet or a faintly portable computer for the moment - I'm not stopping this here blog - sincere thanks to those you who've commented & emailed, or even just kept coming & looking... I shall return, and soon.

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