Thursday, 7 May 2009

It's Got Bells On

Here's a nice little number with bells on, and some decent flute, which I don't always care for very much, but it's welcome on this track, sure enough. Not a lot of information out there about the band, although it's probably safe to say that the album was fairly adventurous for its time, and may well have had first usage of the P-word in its title.

On Off - Off On - The Deep

No bells (some pleasant tinkles tho'), but a better song I say, suitably subdued & sombre too; the bass sound is really nice, short sustain & flat-wound strings - I'm dead fond of that.

When Rain Is Black - The Deep

both from The Psychedelic Moods Of The Deep (1966)
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Truth be told, I'm having the rottenest of mornings - four-odd hours in, and I can just begin to see some daylight again, after waking to some unwelcome young faces from getting on for forty years ago... marvellous it ain't, frankly, and much more besides them chiming(ha!) in for good measure... but these things pass, I guess, although that's rarely obvious at the time. Anyhow, inappropriately enough, I came across a smashing bit of punky power-pop, which I'm gonna include regardless.

(Making) Teenage Faces - The Exploding Hearts
originally a 7" single (2002)
buy it on the Shattered compilation | wiki
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