Saturday, 9 May 2009

Hunting for a home

I really oughtta be on with finding somewhere to live, but a search of a different kind did cast these loosely related musical pearls before me, which seem well worth sharing - particularly Gaze & Marie Modiano, not that The Knife or Grantura are just filler, mind you. But yes indeed, if you haven't heard Marie Modiano's 'Outland', I'd certainly suggest giving it a whirl, although it seems rather hard to buy outside of France... coulda done with a different/more adventurous production in places, I'd dare to say, and my sometimes annoyingly picky ears, do get a bit irked at the occasional slightly bum note.

Goodness, I'm sounding like Noel Coward giving advice to Mrs Worthington - "It's a loud voice, and though it's not exactly flat...". Pay no attention then, just enjoy what you can. The Grantura track takes the best part of a minute to get moving, btw, so give it a chance, cuz it's rather good.

A New Home - Gaze
Shake the Pounce (1999)
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Marble House - The Knife
Silent Shout (2006)
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House Of Cards - Grantura
In Dreams and Other Stories (2008)
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Searching For Pearl - Marie Modiano

The Hunter - Marie Modiano
both from Outland (2008)
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Hunter - Portsihead
Third (2008)
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Aside from the title connection, those last two sound dead-good one after the other, d'you agree?. Anyhow, back to the internet for apartments & such - does anywhere rented allow smoking?? - bah!.
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