Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Honey Brothers

It's funny, much as I ignore the descriptions slapped on bands by PR types, if a word catches my eye, it does stick in mind, especially when the accompanying music seems to bear little relationship to what they wrote. A case in point - The Honey Brothers - who on this song, the title track from their new ep, you might think were a nicely quaint indie band, sounding here a bit like early Pulp, sweetened up a good deal - a very pleasant way to sound, I might add.

Demonstration - The Honey Brothers
Demonstration EP (June 16)
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D'you get any 'folk' from that - well punk?... even 'new wave folk'? - I sure don't, although the f-word is one I might well associate with the other tunes on the EP, and their previous releases. Ukulele &/or banjo & you're a country/folk band, right?. gee, I know these press guys have to say something, but really!.

Demonstration EP Track List:
1. Demonstration
2. Moonlight
3. Won't Last Long
4. Perfect Parent
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