Friday, 1 May 2009

Friday's song(s) - The Easybeats

A temporary reprieve for my days of the week songs thing, which I kinda lost the impetus for a few weeks ago - having run out of really decent tunes for some days. I just had a look, and far as I can see, I didn't get round to this one, which can't be right, cuz it's cracker - and so's the B-side... in fact it's a toss-up which one I like best.

The Easybeats had been absolutely heeuuge in their native Australia (well, they were from immigrant families, but hey) - and on the back of that, in 1966 their manager got a fairly astonishing five year recording deal for them, with United Artists. First stop on UA's plan for world domination was London, and a session at Abbey Road, where their original producer Ted Albert failed to satisfy the new record label, leading to his replacement by Shel Talmy for a date at IBC a few weeks later, which gave rise to four fine tracks - two of which were chosen for the next single: Friday On my Mind.

Friday On My Mind - The Easybeats

Made My Bed (Gonna Lie In It) - The Easybeats
original release - 7" single on United Artists (November 1966)
buy on compilation | biography

It's well worth a look at the biography link above, to read of how the band's image was stage-managed, including the hiding of wives/girlfriends from the public eye - this apparently led to the tragic death of Harry Vanda's wife, Pam. Shocking too, what little money they got, even after securing that precious contract with UA - the good ol' Music Business eh?.

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