Sunday, 10 May 2009


Many, many thanks, love, & hugs to the thoughtful person who alerted me... but my filehost is misbehaving today - I've changed nothing, but the only files accessible after about lunchtime today, are those with a .php extension, which is pretty useless, of course.

Boring detail - if a file.s named xyz.php - it works fine, same file, renamed to xyz.html - access forbidden, and the error page isn't the standard one, meaning it ain't the one in my account, but a similar general one. Sooo, somethings obviously gone wrong or being blocked by the host, and their online & telephone help, are both umm, unavailable.

Curiously, if the files can be accessed via a sub-domain - eg not but, then things work just fine, but that doesn't help unless I manually edit every mp3 link..., so bah, bah & bloody bah! - hopefully I can fix it tomorrow eh?.

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