Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Awoke with this in my head

Well, not quite awoke, but a combination of wishes, memories, & simple word-association, had it going round n round my mind; although in a thoroughly imaginary form, performed by a fairly rocky indie band - which meant it took some thinking to place who had really performed this song.

Morning's A Peach (Come Back To Bed) - Anya Marina
Miss Halfway (2004)
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Couple of plays (then another half-dozen just cuz it's beautiful) and I think I get the connection with my fictitious heavy version - lose the lovely breathy voice (mmm!) & rock it up a bit, and see if you can't get it as one of the quieter songs by Oasis?. I reckon it might be the lil' guitar figures at the end (shades of Married With Children?), or maybe the chord progression & structure... but delightful though Anya's original is, I can't shift the false memory of Liam or Noel crooning a beefed-up take on it. I've heard it (ha!), and it's splendid - not as sparse as 'Married With..' more a quieter 'Don't Look Back In Anger'; give 'em a listen & maybe you'll hear it too?.
Morning’s a peach, night is a pitbull
Either way I get a bite
My car reports to work at eight
My heart is several hours late

I can’t keep up with the lovers on the street
I get my sunshine from the glow of my TV
I hear a waterfall is brimming in my eyes
You think I’m prettier, prettier when I cry
Oh me, oh my…
come on back to bed

Leave me alone, or get me some action
Either way somethin’ aint right

I can’t keep up with the singles on the scene
I get my kicks from a long-gone lonesome dream
I saw a waterfall was brimming in your eyes
You’re almost prettier, prettier when you lie…

Oh me, oh my… come on back to bed
La la la la la….

I say I’m prettier — and you’re prettier - when you’re mine
Oh me, oh my… come on back to bed


Aside from the Oasis connection, what a fine song eh? - love how the 'prettier when...' part changes each time, moving from sad, through reflective, to something more than hopeful (and pretty damn hot, too) - Cry, Lie, Mine. Heavens, what can be conveyed in a three-minute pop song.

Ok, another cuppa tea, then onwards & upwards - bunches of junk to get to the rubbish tip, a replacement tv to be located & purchased, much more besides - and 'all before bedtime', which is a quote from something long ago, can't remember what, now.
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