Sunday, 12 April 2009

Today's obsession - Rosie and Me

Oh, if this isn't quite the loveliest song I've heard in ages, so intimate & wistful, sounding vulnerable yet with the promise of sweet strength "I will treat you right, I'll buy you candy bars, I'll be your fiancée, I'll walk the line and make this right, so we can be together". It makes me want to put on the headphones & keep it all to myself; beautiful.

Come Back - Rosie and Me

Rosie's voice reminds me a bit of Feist, who actually, I tire of after a few songs, which certainly isn't the case here. I'd love to hear 'Come Back' recorded in a studio, with some more movement in the mix, and way less of a left-hand bias; but hey, everything's home-done, I believe, so just call me picky. Some other tracks, especially through good headphones, sound rather too demo'y in comparison to 'Come Back' and 'Old Folks (New Year)' for my ears, at least... although bung 'em on speakers and they come to life much more...

Old Folks (New Year) - Rosie and Me

Folkie Song #2 - Rosie and Me

hear more & make friends on their myspace & download five other songs free at

As I've said, 'Come Back' is easily-peasily the standout song for me, and was the first one I played (over & over again, as it happens); some minor remixing & I can definitely imagine it being hugely popular, getting Rosie and Me a great deal of attention. It'd be devastating placed over the right sort of touching scene in a movie or tv series, for example; such an old romantic, ain't I just?.

Rosie and Me are from Curitiba in southern Brazil; Rosie is Rosanne Machado on vocals/guitar, the Me of the band name seems to be Alex Sousa (vocals/synth/ + that great harmonica); there's also Guilherme Miranda on bass & guitar and Tiago Barbosa on drums/percussion... record labels in Brazil?, pleeese, sign them up & get an EP out before someone else does, cuz then you'll be kicking yourselves.

I love their cute musical-bird on a pipe-smoking whale logo - is the lil bird Rosie, and the puffing whale Alex?.

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