Thursday, 2 April 2009

Things that make me go Ooh! - South Ambulance

Music has to push ever shifting buttons for me, it has to be supple enough to meet changing moods, desires, & situations; yet still retain a quality beyond just pleasing, a wow factor... or like the title says. I'm fussy, for sure, and naturally the merits of anything artistic are in the eyes, ears & mind of the beholder; but sometimes there seems nothing worse than mediocre music.

I'm pleased to report getting an 'ooh' today, upon listening to the new ep by Swedish band South Ambulance; the grabber was 'Davy Crockett' which had me thinking of a splendidly lofi, indie Turtles (who I love, but they're a bit sugar-sweet for everyday). Now that might be a specious comparison, but hey - it's all tuneful & harmonious & vocal 'ba ba ba's'... & anyhow, you can try it below & see for yourself. 'Flowers' has the lofi/Wavves knob turned up a lot higher, but keeps those ace harmonies; best track on the ep for me.

Ahh, best one apart from the irresistible 'I Think Of Death' - which a bit like Davy Crockett, opens all Portisheady beats, then transforms into an absolute gem that'd be perfectly placed in a modern rewrite of A Teenage Opera; it's fascinating to me how the same drum pattern runs right through, but has a hugely different vibe after the intro. Oh man, I love 'King Of Geeks' too, same super sixties pop thing, for me... the only one I can't get really excited about is the bonus track 'Kinky Love', a Pale Saints cover.

EP#4 by South Ambulance is available as a digital download from Indiecater Records where you can stream all five tracks to your heart's content before parting with an absurdly reasonable €2.50 - what nice people they are.

Davy Crockett - South Ambulance
EP#4 (2009)
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EP#4 Tracklist:

1 Davy Crockett
2 Flowers
3 I Think Of Death
4 King Of Geeks
5 Kinky Love
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