Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday's song - Alexandra Hope

Unusually, I've got something current for this 'songs matching days of the week' thing I keep trotting out; very handy really, since I've been meaning to share some Alexandra Hope after first hearing her a few days ago. These two tracks have a deliberate high quality demo feel about 'em, no bass at all (same as the rest of the album, I gather), just busy guitar, occasional ivory tinkles, & tight drums. I'm very taken with Alexandra, no doubt about that, but I do wonder if the production style will stretch enough to hold interest over all nine... repeated plays have me thinking that the songs, & especially her singing voice, would flourish more on wider & richer pastures.

Invisible Sunday - Alexandra Hope

Perhaps A Fantasy - Alexandra Hope

both from Invisible Sunday (2009)
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Alexandra is playing in LA on May 6, at 'The Smell', along with the very wonderful Warpaint, Exitmusic and VOICEsVOICEs

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