Saturday, 4 April 2009

Street View - what's the point?

Being temporarily unable to come up with with any words I'm satisfied with about moosic, maaan; I'll take a detour & visit some gumbys who've been all over the news here, protesting their right to protection from Google's evil eye. I suppose the allegedly irate residents didn't consider how the press might possibly pick up on the story & publicise their names, and exact location, on the back of it?, and perhaps they're now hoping that burglars & pickpockets don't descend upon Broughton en masse, to ply their wicked trade, prompted solely by concerned residents asserting that the attractive appearance, and affluence of the area, would surely make it near irresistible to the criminal fraternity?; well it's open season now eh, we'll all be there later, hooped sweaters & swag bags (one has to look the part you know).

Still, lots of us build fences so the local riff-raff & neighbours can't see in, and 'People's Friend', good 'ol Google, does use rather large towers on top of their street view camera cars, so maybe there is a fair case for annoyance to be made - would I like it if some oiks drove round here with a stepladder tied on their Ford Transit flatbed, sussing the street for soft targets? - well no, but the gits already do exactly that (ok, without the stepladder), it's just that they don't stick the info on the internet afterwards. So presumably, it's the public availability of these cursed 'street view' images that's the problem, it's fine for passing pikeys to know the score, but not the generally law-abiding internet public?.

I don't know; neither do I really grasp the desire to see photos of your own bloody residence, workplace or playground on screen, which must be the main reason google think it's worth an expensive punt... there's something rather unsettling about the whole business, and I don't mean genial Uncle Google's intentions, oh no.

To the music then, and happily there are some great sounds to hang on the hook -
I imagine that some people find Marty Anderson's voice & style to be a bit annoying, I could listen all day myself, ever since hearing 'Sing-Along', but if you're one of the 'some people', there's actually relatively little of it on this track, a minute-thirty in, and you'll be home & dry.

Mindless - Okay
High Road (2005)
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Speaking of google, d'you think Richard Hawley could sing a page of search results & make 'em sound good? - I do wonder.
Tonight The Streets Are Ours - Richard Hawley
Lady's Bridge (2007)
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Yum yum, some sixties pscychedelia; "...tea with a teddy bear" - ha!
Secret - Virgin Sleep
single release in 1968 on Decca's Deram label

I love how this builds, and I'm always surprised at the impact when Elliott Smith swears... something about a soft voice with a big stick of feelings.
Pictures of Me - Elliott Smith
Either/Or (1997)
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This is good, if maybe a bit too piano-laden; & that repeated chord progression... it's the same as something else, but I can't place it yet, any ideas?.
Beyond Your Control - The Mural And The Mint
Private Pockets (2008)
free album download (suggested donation -$5+) at the band website | myspace
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