Friday, 24 April 2009

Spring cleaning & plumbing

Well, I had an unusually active, yet music-less day yesterday - having to shift half the living-room furniture so my pal could plumb in a new radiator to replace the flaky-paint one that's been there, dropping huge curls of white-gloss, for ooh, ten years or more. Worst thing was (aside from the vast amount of dust & cat hairs), it meant removing the computer, which aside from a super-cool 1950's HMV snake-skin record player in another room, is the only source of music here - so a muted morning & afternoon was the result.

I took the opportunity to dismantle the iMac & clean out years of accumulated dust & fluff from the fans within, which'll hopefully calm down the all too frequently annoying roar as the temperature rises; also forced myself to do some belated hoovering & dusting, as well as finding another space for two of the far too many old valve radios that are knocking about the place. One of 'em's pretty dull in terms of appearance & style, but it's loved because the original cardboard packing with printed Bush logo is up in the attic, complete with a railway ticket attached - from the days when you could just breeze up to a station & send something anywhere in the country... someone was probably very pleased to receive it.

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Dirty - The Ettes
Shake the Dust (2006)
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Oh Lately It's So Quiet - OK Go
Oh No (2005)
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Henry's Dress EP (1995)
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