Saturday, 25 April 2009

Spandau Ballet

It may have been just me? - but the Kemp brothers appeared to still be living out The Krays in some fashion on Jonathan Ross last night - watch it on youtube & see if it has an air of 'The Firm' - reunited, with the same old lags in charge - for you too.

They did usefully remind me of dashing off to the pub after Top of the Pops all those years ago, to swap opinions (between underaged beers) about their first few singles, and (if I remember correctly), share disappointment over 'True', 'Gold' & subsequent releases. Quite striking actually, how the recollections flooded back of seeing them mime along with 'To Cut A Long Story Short' - I'd clean forgotten how good it was, and how intriguing their dalliance with New Romanticism was... not just for impressionable nippers like me.

They were crap later though, weren't they? - another "prefer the earlier stuff, myself", if ever there was one. There's also something off-putting about all these bands from my near-childhood reforming for another last hurrah - thanks for the memories n all that, but enough already. A glowing personal recommendation then; roll up, roll up - get yer Autumn tour tickets here & buy all their old records while you still can.

To Cut A Long Story Short - Spandau Ballet
Journeys to Glory (1981 - single release in 1980)
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The Last of the Famous International Playboys - Morrissey
Bona Drag (1990 - single release in '89)

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