Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Parson Red Heads

New to me, I've been listening to The Parson Red Heads for the first time today - what loveliness I've been missing out on. They're a five-piece from LA (previously Oregon until 2005), headed by husband & wife Evan Way & Brette Marie who sing & play guitar & drums, respectively, with Sam Fowles (guitar, vocals), Aaron Ballard (guitar, vocals) and Andy Creighton (bass, vocals). Yep, everybody sings - & it shows beautifully in their rich vocal harmonies. California somehow seems the right place for such a bright, sunny sound.

They've a limited edition (200 copies) 7" vinyl EP out soon on JAXART Records, pre-order it here.

Here's a track from the EP - it has a definite 60's feel & perhaps even distinct nods towards certain old records; no matter - it's a delight.
Raymond - The Parson Redheads
Orangufang EP (2009)
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Orangufang tracklist:

01. Raymond
02. You Can Leave It
03. Knew A Young Girl


Ha ha - I just got to this track & found it startlingly familiar - turns out it's been in my collection for a couple of years... I've a good memory for tunes, but not always for names.

Punctual As Usual - The Parson Red Heads
King Giraffe (2007)
Chosen Fruit -Apple Certified Specialist Support for your Mac