Thursday, 16 April 2009

Oh, for some clarity

Hell's bells, I've got the fuzziest of minds today, an inability to grasp anything much at all, which ain't a whole bunch of use when dealing with the trifling intricacies of websites & domain names & nameservers & other boring things. Nothing too odd about that, you'd think, but normally I thrive on such technicalities & struggle instead to express things in words; yet the past days have seen me mentally glaze over when faced with anything I don't already know the answer to... ho-hum, these clouds'll part, no doubt, although I do find it very unsettling & aggravating, to put it mildly.

Anyhoo, for those of you foolish enough to come here more than once, there'll eventually be a websitey blog thing at instead of/as well as/I dunno yet here on blogspot, which is of little import right now save that should I suddenly get another rash of dmca takedowns & find myself kicked off this place (unlikely I know, but hey).... you'll know where to look for further sparkling wit & incisive social commentary eh? - hmm, right. Cheques, cash, chocolates & lavish promo invites may continue to be sent to the usual address, & will receive my full attention, as always.

Whilst we're on a mildly personal, rather than "This band good - buy records" (in a Tarzan voice) trip, I have to boast of having some of my own music, from many years ago, mentioned on siblingshot on the bleachers yesterday, which is nice... I do enjoy ib's considered, concise, writing; his blog has the air of a not too hushed, regularly changing museum exhibition for me, hard to explain properly, but you'll come away with much more than mp3s I reckon.

Righto - couple of tunes, then on with the housework...

Clear and True - Rainer Maria
Catastrophe Keeps Us Together (2006)
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Clouds Are Moving - The Record's
Money's On Fire (2008)
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Everything I Cannot See - Charlotte Gainsbourg
5:55 (2006)
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Visions of a Troubled Mind - J.Tillman
Cancer and Delirium (2008)
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The Invisible Sights of a Newplace - The Raves
The Invisible Sights of a Newplace (2008)

Open Your Eyes - The Victims
No Thanks To The Human Turd EP (1978)
Chosen Fruit -Apple Certified Specialist Support for your Mac