Friday, 10 April 2009

Night Of The Demon

I was commenting recently about wanting to see this movie once again, and as if by (black) magic, it's on TV here tonight, at the absurd hour of two in the morning (BBC2); naturally I've set the recordy thing to record it, since I'll be well tucked up & snoring by that time.

It's a splendid black & white bit of suspense/horror/devilry, spoilt only by the Demon actually appearing in giant puppet form at the end, moving awkwardly along a railway line, accompanied by some misplaced screechy sounds, which make it seem as if he's riding a rusty old bicycle - most unfortunate. It's a great film, despite that, and is based upon a short story by M.R James, although predictably, some liberties are taken in the retelling. There are excellent blog entries about it, with plenty of stills, at Friday Night Boys and Monster Movie Music... if you're after a comparison between book & film - try Hollywood Gothique.

Oh, and if you fancy watching it, or just seeing the rusty bike scene; go here and you can stream the whole thing. For the squeaky demon, skip right to 1hr 32m, although you'll be missing a fine piece of cinema, yes really. It's years since I saw Night Of The Demon, and I've only dipped into the opening credits & final scene; but one of the ideas I like is that the runes are only effective against those who believe in their power, and that perhaps, the demon doesn't exist at all, beyond the minds of his victims... however, the closing moments rather piss on that ember.

As always, I've some musical hats to hang tenuously on the hook, but let's start with the melodramatic opening theme & portentous voiceover.
Night Of The Demon
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Runes - Josh Reichmann Oracle Band
Life Is Legal EP (2009)
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I Cannot Escape The Darkness - Those Poor Bastards
The Plague (2008)
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Demon Dance - Susanna
Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos (2007)
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Singing The Devil's Tune - Nick Jaina
A Narrow Way (2008)
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The Devil Travels Fast - Moi Caprice
We Had Faces Then (2008)
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And if that's all too much of the occult, here's one antidote, possibly even almost appropriate on Good Friday.
The Christian Life - The Louvin Brothers
Satan Is Real (1960)
Chosen Fruit -Apple Certified Specialist Support for your Mac