Sunday, 5 April 2009

New track from The Trees

Ooh yes indeed, I'm all excited, truth be told, cuz Simon from The Trees agreed to let you lucky lot hear & download 'Devil Pact Suitcase'. which was 'a left over track' from the 'Things That Make You Happy' album. Left over! - can you believe it?* - it's flippin' wonderful from start to finish; turn up the volume, have your best headphones or speakers plugged in - you don't want to miss a thing.

Devil Pact Suitcase

I adore the contrasts of monastic chants, delicate piano & vocal harmonies, & big beefy guitars; and the ending is just bloody admirable - gently fading voice/guitar, & little breath sounds that just make it for me; difficult to believe this is a 'bedroom studio' production - The Trees do much more than paint a picture here; they unveil a shifting vista I can be totally absorbed by.

I can't resist including another one from Things That Make You Happy. It's poppier than the above & blessed with some great strings.
Goodbye To The Love

Things That Make You Happy (2008)
download the album free at
Make friends with The Trees on their myspace, and tell 'em to hurry up with the new album, I'm itching to hear more.

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* I tend to write these things in stages, listening a load in between (believe it or not); at first I was puzzled why they'd leave off such a great bit of work as 'Devil Pact Suitcase', but having given the album another spin while knocking dinner together, I think I can see why... compared with the other songs on ' Things That Make You Happy', it has a feel of the same band, but in a quite different era of writing, from another album with it's own distinct style.
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