Monday, 20 April 2009

music for paedophiles?

So I'm watching last night's Louis Theroux documentary - A Place For Paedophiles - and found it somewhat unsettling, but not for the obvious reason; it was the choice of music that kept dragging my mind off to mentally finish the little excerpts of Joanna Newsom's 'Cosmia'.
It got me musing (again) about the choice of backing for tv/film, specifically upon what seemed to be a clumsy choice in this case. The little clip they used wasn't especially apposite, and whilst usefully atmospheric, the impact was lost in repetition, I thought. Perhaps it only mattered if you're a Newsom fan?, but there didn't seem any good reason for using a tune that someone might recognise, however (relatively) obscure.

Cosmia - Joanna Newsom
Ys (2006)

Like him or not, Louis Theroux does usually manage to inject a note or two of levity into difficult or odd subjects, but this show seemed to have been specifically edited to avoid any suggestion of humour; understandable perhaps, given the topic but the results felt stilted -neither shocking nor insightful, and almost completely lacking the wry visual & verbal observations that I hoped for, although the guy serving the iced punch came close enough I s'pose.

If you're in the UK, or have a decent proxy there, you can stream the whole programme at the BBC, otherwise there's an excerpt on youtube, below. Honestly though - a far better exploration of attitudes towards paedophiles, (and the gullibility of celebrities when they think they're doing 'good') can be found in the 2001 Brass Eye Special, which certainly wasn't afraid of using humour to illustrate a point of view, far from it.
That show got around 2500 complaints during & after it's first airing, although Channel 4 took at least one phonecall praising it, which quite took the beleaguered duty officer by surprise, I can tell you... should you care to see what the fuss was about, 'Paedogeddon' is available here.

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