Tuesday, 28 April 2009

moving times (and some free albums)

After another dmca takedown by blogspot's automated goons, I'm gonna try switching to publish this blog at my own howmarvellous.com domain, which may or may not stop those occasional irritations... and if not - it's Wordpress time.
In theory... you'll notice no difference at all, save an initial blogger redirect page & the domain name in your browser - in fact by the time you read this, the change may be done & dusted (fat chance!); but please bear with me if things go awry, either here or via the rss feed.

I'm strangely nervous about it - very odd given how I love a challenge... much more going round than just that, I guess; & hmm, I tried it just now & the blogspot address redirected, but got a page not found error - do I have to wait longer for the CNAME record to propogate?, do that first, wait a day, then change the blogspot setting? - I'm slightly lost, and I don't like it one bit.

Two versions of this Jimmy Webb song to start with - far as I can tell, first recorded by Johnny Rivers in 1967, with Webb producing & arranging the album - Rewind.
Do What You Gotta Do - Meg Baird
Dear Companion (2007)

Do What You Gotta Do - Okkervil River
Golden Opportunities Mixtape (2007)
free download from pitchfork | myspace

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - The Animals (UK version)
7" single - 1965 on Columbia

Things Will Change - Dawn Chorus
The Disappearing Dawn Chorus (2003)
free n legal download - here along with their 'Second Dawn Chorus' album | myspace

Gotta Cheer Up Now - Cotton Jones
Paranoid Cocoon
buy from Suicide Squeeze | myspace

Something's Gotta Give - Sammy Davis Jr
written by Johnny Mercer for Daddy Longlegs (1955)

Already pushing it with The Animals, I don't want Warner on my case again - so here's a Sparks video that they (wmg) haven't been able to get knocked off youtube... yet.

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