Wednesday, 29 April 2009

More moving - but very slowly

Well my lovelies, further investigations into, & thoughts about, shifting this blog away from the grasp of our benevolent & wise google, have led me to the conclusion that there's no simple way to just get 'everything' as-is shuffled over somewhere else. So (snipping the reasons - see comments) I think wordpress is the way to go, & at some future point you'll be automatically directed over to, which is already up n running, but awaiting my tender & lavish attention as regards colour, layout & the swanny pic.

**dull tech alert** the main thing I'll miss from blogger, is those dandy snapshots of recently updated blogs, over on the right - so if any of you geniuses know how to get that in wordpress... you'll earn my undying gratitude & more besides.

We'd better have some music eh? - gotta start with Sammy Davis; after pinching an album yesterday for 'Something's Gotta Give', I so enjoyed hearing this one again, which was a favourite from a long-lost mixtape I made for myself, perhaps twenty years ago. It's another show tune - this time from The Pajama Game, intended to be sung by a man to himself, via a tape recorder, which goes some way to explaining the happy tone, despite not-exactly cheery lyrics. No special sentiment for including this - it's just damned fine.

Hey There - Sammy Davis Jr

While I'm on a slightly more personal thing - rather than the thin pretence that I've got my finger on any kind of musical pulse - I completely skipped the booze last night... highly unusual. If this tune sounds kinda familiar - we've a nice connection to Okkervil River, whose cover 'Do What You Gotta Do' I included yesterday.
If You Stay Sober - Shearwater
The Dissolving Room (2001)
out of print, but get a couple more songs free here | Shearwater website

Let's keep the connections flowing - Adler and Ross wrote 'Hey There' above, and another from 'The Pajama Game' that you might recall... here in very cheesy, over-castanetted form, by the Archie Bleyer band
Hernando's Hideaway - Archie Bleyer
Ha ha - it's kinda bad, but I love it so much - a childhood memory y'see?.

No immediate connection I can think of, beyond the bleedin' obvious - but it'll please at least one very occasional commenter & Esther Phillips fan. This is a Johnny Nash composition - and pretty darned sexy with it - mmm M~ !
Let's Move & Groove - Esther Phillips
Alone Again Naturally (1972)

Finally - a song from the year before that (1971) by one of my absolute musical loves - Dory Previn. 'Going Home' is a sorta medley of two other songs from the very same album - 'Mythical Kings & Iguanas'... the title track, and a repeated line from 'Lady With The Braid' - which us just sooo divine. (it starts very quietly, btw)
Going Home - Dory Previn
Mythical Kings & Iguanas (1971)

Can I leave it there? - frankly No, so throwing caution to the wind - here are those two songs - Splendid indeed.

Mythical Kings & Iguanas - Dory Previn

Lady With The Braid - Dory Previn
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