Monday, 27 April 2009


Hmm, trawling through the last of recent backed-up emails yielded very little in the way of new music to raise spirits here, but did lead indirectly to a Brooklyn based duo - KaiserCartel who were a pleasure to belatedly discover.

Courtney Kaiser & Benjamin Cartel are the couple who make up the twosome (and the name, obviously) & between them use vocals, guitars, baby xylophone, drums & some keyboards to turn out a sound that puts plenty of four-piece bands to shame - and they can do it live too, by all accounts, and also to judge from the 'Live from Breakthru Radio EP', which was recorded live,as you might expect. Which maybe goes to show that it's what you do, and who you do it with, rather than how many instruments & players you can cram on a recording or stage - there's nothing wasted here, no needless noodling around - just enough to frame some tremendously moving songs & lovely two-part harmonies. Sweet as can be... & made for sharing with someone.


Alone With You
from Double Standard EP (2005) - which you might still be able to buy at CDbaby

Favorite Song
Live From Breakthru Radio EP (2007)
buy from 75 or Less Records, if there's any left.

and the same song, subtly fleshed out, plump but not overstuffed. "You're my favorite song, I wanna sing it again" - Oh! I surely do.
Favorite Song (Minneapolis Version)
Okay (And Other Things We Feel) (2008)
buy from amazon or

Finally, from last year's album - March Forth - a wonderful song written by Tracy Thielen, given a great intensifying performance; the lil' outta-tune guitar parts are sublime.
Oh No

and yep, same song as at the start - interesting to hear the different treatment, I think - the much deeper drumming gives it an ominous air this time round.
both from March Forth (2008)
amazon |

Go say hi to KaiserCartel at their myspace, and if you can make any of these gigs - I'm sure it'll be a treat.

3 May Armadillo’s Burritos - Keene - New Hampshire
4 May Red Door - Portsmouth - New Hampshire
6 May Southpaw / Deli Magazine Festival - Brooklyn - New York
9 May Cedar Cultural Center - Minneapolis - Minnesota
10 May The Frequency - Madison - Wisconsin
11 May Vaudeville Mews - Des Moines - Iowa
12 May The Dark Room - Chicago - Illinois
13 May BrilloBox - Pittsburgh
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