Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hugo Frusslinky - my latest, greatest obsession

In spite of recent high profile coverage of The Pirate Bay trial, which so far as results go, served only to bring the ability to download music n movies free of charge, to the attention of a great many computer users who had never previously heard of it... I'm sure there still exists, and will do for some time, a huge group of music fans, who beyond myspace & the big online stores, rarely, if ever, 'consume' music online in any way; paid for or free, legal or not - I know plenty of people (cd buying, gig-going sorts) who've never heard of or hypem,com, let alone the kind of blogs that those two reference - it's a whole new world to them, one they're not necessarily jumping at the chance to discover.

This sorta division between 'traditional' print & broadcast media, and the internet blog err, 'scene', cuts both ways of course, and it's possible for very talented, outstanding bands, who've been trumpeted by national radio & music press, to be unknown, or at least unmentioned, by the disparate ranks of mp3/music blogs. Slightly hard to believe, if like me, it seems that anything & everything musical comes your way via twisted copper wire or fibre-optic lines, but fortunately, there are welcome surprises; in this case, very close to home.

All of which strikes me now as a rather po-faced way of introducing an absolutely joyous band from the Isle of Wight (that's an island just off the southern coast of England, for you colonial types) - Hugo Frusslinky - who I've been listening to a great deal since stumbling across them whilst looking up The Bees a couple of weeks ago.
They've a new two-track 'EP' out, Fatty Boom Boom, which you can download/listen to below, or buy as a CD direct from the band... what are they like? - well, why look for words when you can hear for yourselves?, and anyway, I'm short on descriptors & comparisons lately, cutting back again for the recession, see?.

Actually, my favourite song is just a demo so far - I really love this to bits; on vinyl I swear it'd be knackered already.

Here's the two tracks from the EP
Fatty Boom Boom

ain't that an amazing flute solo on Cowtown?

Hear more, & make friends with Hugo Frusslinky on myspace | buy the Fatty Boom Boom EP on CD via email

Heather McCallum - Vocals/Guitar/Flute

Jono_not_Bono - Guitar

Rob Light - Bass

Jord Pennant - Drums

Seems a good place to add how impressive the guitar is on all the six tracks I've got - big, crisp & right in yer face without being the least bit overcooked... a bit like Heather's vocals to be honest, both of which rely on some tremendously tight drums and bass, oh what the hell, everyone's good - ok?.

Here's a few gigs they've got lined up, wish there were more on the mainland, partly cuz last night I had a nightmare where every last thing went wrong while I tried to get to Ryde for the next one... only a dream, I know, but I was on my hands & knees crawling to the station - weird eh?.

22 May - The Wight Rock Bar - Ryde - IOW
30 May - Milton Keynes ... more details soon
14 June - IOW Festival
11 Sept - Bestival - IOW
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