Saturday, 11 April 2009

Hafdis Huld videos

If you recall, I very much enjoyed the Hafdis Huld gig in Portsmouth a while ago, but could only mention the new songs she played; well now you can get a taste of a couple via these videos from a little acoustic session at Phoenix FM recently. I'd have closed the curtains myself, and have to say that these capture but a fraction of her bubbly off-beat charm & humour... really, really see her live if you get a chance to.

13 April - Curious Generation @ The Source Below - London
25 April - Blow Up Club - London
30 April - Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes - London

Three videos, but two new songs - the other is this delightful one, not a Hafdis original, but bloody lovely all the same.
Who Loves The Sun - Hafdis Huld (Velvet Underground cover)
Dirty Paper Cup (2006)
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