Thursday, 9 April 2009

Free Albums worth getting #2

Ahh that's better, I played this three times yesterday & couldn't get enough. Marc with a C is a prolific singer/song-writer who seemingly turns out albums like there's no tomorrow; I'd guess he's one of those musicians with a driving need to create & play. There's some really good songs up for grabs at his website, many of which beg for more than the engaging harmonies & no-fi home production, and that's praise, not criticism. Suspend any unnecessary need you might have for big studio values, attend instead to the music, the tenderness, emotion & humour within it. Brought a smile to my face, and that's priceless.

This Stuff Is Gonna Kill Me

I Will Repossess Your Heart

A Woman's Duty

You've Got This Curse

all by Marc with a C - from 'Losing Salt' (2009). Download it free at along with oh, about nine other albums (Normal Bias is very good indeed).

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