Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Free Albums worth getting #1

It struck me that a number of the albums I've been playing lately, rather than just dipping into, are all available to download completely free & legal; check them out, you might find something you like, and not have to shell out a penny, which means you can buy yet more music, or go to a gig, or get yourself a band t-shirt.

First one then, and I know I've plugged them to death before, but they're worth it. What a horrible night to have a curse by Swedish electro poppers 64revolt.

This is the final track to be released from the album, and it's comparatively slow & almost solemn, which threw me on the first few plays, but I love it now. The album is splendid, & best of all it won't cost you anything to find out of I'm right.
Fun with a gun - 64revolt
What a horrible night to have a curse (2009)
download the whole album in 320K at

As if one free album wasn't enough, 64revolt have another for you, try one track below & hear/download the rest from their website.

Neat Girl - 64revolt
Aim for the flat top (2008)
free download at | buy at CDbaby

More tomorrow, in a very different style.
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