Monday, 13 April 2009

Free Albums more than well worth getting #4 - Eardrums Music

I'm listening to this now, the latest free compilation by Eardrums Music, if you've a need for two hours of marvellously varied, & consistently very fine, gentle'ish, melodic pop, suitable for Springtime; then I wholeheartedly recommend getting hold of Birdsongs, Beesongs volumes A & B. So far, there's forty songs - about two hours of ace music, with volumes C & D still to come... ffs!, does anyone sleep at Eardrums?.

What you get for your heard-earned zero bucks, is quality sounds all the way through, a nice fat pdf with pics, bios & links for every band, and some dead-good sleeve artwork for if you wanna knock up a CD package, or just to look at. It'd be pretty flamin' impressive as a commercial release, and is simply staggering when Eardrums are giving it away for free, although naturally, should you have the means, they'd be very happy if you were to give something, either by buying the artists' music, going to gigs, or supporting one of the good causes suggested.

I'm not singling out these as being better than all the rest - stone me, it's all on the up n up, but they did jump out & grab me, and that's all it takes.

all happy endings - Let's Whisper

Japanese Kiss - Arthur and Martha

Actually, what the hell - I'm nothing if not opinionated, so here's my favourite after a first listen; but it doesn't evoke Spring for me, not a bit of it; more of a mournful, autumnal feel.
Low Rise - Tramontana

get Birdsongs, Beesongs at, along with six other compilations... I haven't heard 'em all, but last years Summer's Here was definitely a getter, & A Good Crop sounds great, if I can judge from the first few tracks.

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