Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Donny Karson - free tracks on Astor Bell

Elektronische Teknopop Musik - there's another genre I didn't know I liked, this time a new release on the free Swedish netlabel Astor Bell, from Donny Karson, who's also Swedish. from Stockholm, in fact.

Here's the 'B' side of Def Leppard which builds nicely with a sorta elctro-didgeridoo bass over a load of rhythmic tinkles & vaguely Indian sounding vocal samples, before getting well busy, & thumping enough to get anyone going. I'm not keen on the guttural noises part way myself, think they spoil a prize inventive track and detract from all the other cool things going on in it, luckily they're over in a minute or so, & normal dubby service is resumed; love the wicked distortions, the world needs more ring modulators. Astor Bell say play it loud, then it makes sense... I'd given it plenty before reading their advice & must say, it's worth following.

Pre, Erle - Donny Karson
Def Leppard (2009)
myspace | free download of both tracks from Astor Bell as 320K mp3s.

I often mention how some tiny part of a song brings another to mind, well in this case it's a movie - For A Few Dollars More, and the tune played by the musical pocket-watches. Have a listen, & maybe you'll hear what I mean.

La Resa Dei Conti - Ennio Morricone
For A Few Dollars More
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