Friday, 24 April 2009

A clear-out

I'm getting cluttered again - far too many files on the desktop, an absolute ton of decent new music, and a finely disorganised mind to manage it with. Yet another major tidy-up is essential, and if I don't get some of this out there, it'll be mired forever in the wetlands of my computer - which'd be a shame; so brevity is my main weapon today... how unexpected.

I know next to nothing about these guys, save their being from New Zealand, and producing this fine example of what your average radio-telescope should really be searching for.
♫ 'The Knucks - kazaamBLAM! (feat. Alphabethead)
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Wow - why's no-one told me about Meho Plaza before? - definitely one to investigate if 'The Beach' is any indication, although after a quick trawl, I do like the poppier ones like this much more than the other, less obviously structured tracks, or the Remix EP, for that matter.
The Beach - Meho Plaza
Meho Plaza (2008)
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We'll Drink the Blood - Meho Plaza (Nopse remix)
Remix EP (2009)
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Along with the new 'Crazy Power' album & 'Shivering Black' EP - Josh Reichmann Oracle Band have recorded a cover of Deerhunter's 'Agoraphobia' which is lurking on 7" vinyl somewhere, with 'Shivering Black' on the other side. I've heard it's on the EP, but no mention on the Paper Bag Records site beyond the elusive single release.
Agoraphobia - Josh Reichmann Oracle Band

Shivering Black - Josh Reichmann Oracle Band
Shivering Black EP (2009)
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And for the sake of completeness - remind yourself of the rather more calming original
Agoraphobia - Deerhunter
Microcastle (2008)
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Loads more to get through, but having been woken at 4AM, by some git road-testing a very loud scooter past the house this morning (several times, and exceedingly annoying) and then finding it impossible to sleep... I rather fancy an afternoon nap, just like the cat.
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