Thursday, 30 April 2009

Chase Pagan - Life Garden

I only heard of Chase Pagan about a month ago, and was initially intrigued, rather than excited about the music - that soon changed though, & I'm looking forward to hearing what the new album - Bells & Whistles sounds like. What I've heard so far is a real trip down memory lane for me, not retro or in the style of... exactly, just pleasingly familiar yet original, perhaps a nod here, a salute there, to lots of different artists. More recently, if you like these Chase Pagan songs, you might just be keen on Marizane too, not that the vocal style is remotely similar.

Here's two from the album, if you're anything like me you'll need more than just fingers to count the welcome musical reminders; modern, nostalgic pop-rock is it? - dunno, but I'm well impressed. Seen some reviews griping about his voice grating right away - but I don't gettit, you?.

Life Garden - Chase Pagan

Gun and the Sword - Chase Pagan
Bells & Whistles (June 9 on Esperanza Plantation)
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Waltzing in the Sky - Chase Pagan
Oh, Musica! (2007)

Chase has a couple of gigs coming up - I'm intrigued to know what he does live, given that he plays most all of the instruments on the album...

18 May - Pianos - New York, New York
19 May - Colony Cafe - Woodstock, New York
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