Thursday, 9 April 2009

Black as something

Things are crumbling a bit this morning, I could blame the booze last night (which mightn't have helped any), but I know better than to think that's why. Near everything I listen to sounds off somehow, words & thoughts drift away on a dusty, frustrating breeze, and nothing really captures my imagination; so after four odd hours I've packed it in for a while & gone for some personal crowd-pleasers to see if they'll lift things a bit.

A long way from Don't Fear The Reaper, this is my fave BOC track by far, that and OD'd On Life Itself; two favourite tracks, ha!.
The Red & The Black - Blue Oyster Cult
Tyranny and Mutation (1973)

I haven't heard this for about twenty years, another mixtape memory from a vinyl-junkie friend... like a lot of them, the lp it's from doesn't match up for me; I conclude that he had excellent taste in picking the best.
Goin' Too Far - Boys From Nowhere
Cyclone Death Machine (1988)

Same story with this, well, not the mixtape part, but of nothing else being as good...I've tried three albums with no joy - perhaps the Sub Pop compilation is the way to go?.
Dead Moon Night - Dead Moon
Echoes of the Past (2006 compilation)
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Palimend - Benoît Pioulard
Précis (2006)

Hurrah, they have done the trick; hope you like 'em too.
No special meaning or theme (in case you wonder), the only connection is that they were capable of breaking through a barrier of peculiarly static mindweed & allowing me to concentrate once more. Onward & Upward, that's the spirit.
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